TAICO inc.


We have specialized knowledge regarding the water industry and,
together with our customers, aim for technological innovation.

Since our founding in 1948, we have been consistently involved the water business.

Our water business covers the development of the pumps that move water and the main components in the turbines that generate hydraulic power. We also provide products for water purification plants and for the treatment plants that prevent environmental pollution from wastewater.

Also, in recent years, with increasing attention paid to the issue of water supply sufficiency, we are involved in innovations for seawater desalination plants that convert salt water to fresh water, and take an active part in research and development.

We stand out for providing superior polymer products that offer solutions to water industry issues regarding corrosion resistance, cleaning, and water lubrication.

Polymer products such as rubber and plastic are needed to help make seals watertight, suppress corrosion, and facilitate water lubrication.

The water business and polymers are highly specialized fields where we strive to comprehensively contribute to communities, taking a global perspective.