TAICO inc.


We develop products aimed at solving problems,
and propose technological innovations.

  1. 1


    We work day and night on technological innovations and on solving our customers' problems.

  2. 2

    Market Research, Manufacturer Research

    We leverage our global business reach and specialized knowledge to search for outstanding manufacturers throughout the globe on behalf of our customers.

  3. 3

    Inquiry, Business Meeting, Planning

    We get in touch with manufacturers around the world, visit their physical sites, and select the optimal products.

  4. 4

    Proposal, Assessment, Adoption

    We make optimized proposals, assess them together with the customer, and determine the final specifications.

  5. 5

    Technological Innovation

    We thoroughly execute the plan decided upon, and achieve results by placing the developed product on the market and solving any problems.

The Japanese manufacturers who are our customers, are looking for better quality products.

The twenty-first century is being called a century of water issues, as it is predicted that global water shortages will occur within this century.
Japanese manufacturers looking to participate in the global water business are demanding more reasonably priced materials and components.
We stand in the customers’ shoes, putting our sophisticated specialist sensibilities to work in searching for the highest quality, most reasonably priced materials and components throughout the world.

We have an extensive network that is capable of making sales to a wide range of plant engineering manufacturers, heavy industry manufacturers and pump manufacturers, who are the main players in the water business.
There is a tradition in Japan where users very carefully analyze the functionality of a product, closely examine the manufacturer's technical abilities, and adopt a product with the emphasis on its proven achievements.
This is an incredibly effective method for maintaining quality, but it cannot keep up with global projects that require speed and reasonable pricing.

Through our superior specialization and the trust we have garnered from customers over the years, we are able to win product adoption decisions with a sense of urgency.
We aim to provide customers with reasonably priced products from overseas and help them achieve solutions.