TAICO inc.

Employee Training

Employee Training (Language)

To foster globally minded personnel, each year we put our employees through several months of language training.

The training locations are all in English-speaking regions, such as Denver in the United States, London in the United Kingdom, and Toronto in Canada. Employees are not only taught the language but also the culture and traditions of where they are being trained. We are able to share Japan's wonderful culture with the people of the overseas country, assimilate the foreign culture, and foster outstanding personnel.

After training, employees are promptly assigned to an overseas division and become sales staff, traveling the globe.

Employee Training
(International Trade Administration/
Plant-Related Qualifications)

In addition to fostering globally minded personnel, we also have our personnel acquire qualifications in international trading-related skills and in plant-related, in order to improve our Japanese domestic sales capabilities and technical ability.

This qualifications regimen is extremely specialized and an added burden on our sales staff, yet we consider understanding how plants operate to be an essential skill.

Additionally, in preparation for global expansion, we have our employees obtain qualifications in the import and export business procedures required for international trade.