TAICO inc.

  1. 1. Metal Expansion Joints

    Metal Expansion Joints

    Our company boasts a delivery record of large numbers of stainless steel and Teflon expansion joints with superior heat resistance and corrosion resistance. We deliver numerous products made to special specifications, such as Teflon-lined bellows and items constructed with heat-resistant casters. Our joints are made by fabricating pipe from thin stainless steel sheets, and feature elasticity and flexibility.

    1. Metal + Teflon Expansion Joints
    2. Expansion Joints for Incinerators
    3. Expansion Joints for Vibration Isolation
  2. 2. Flexible Hoses

    Flexible Hoses

    Even though the products are, basically, flexible hoses, they are made from various materials, from rubber to stainless steel.
    Our company selects the optimum materials for the working conditions and offers the customer screw-type, flanged or other types of connectors.

    1. Metal Flexible Hoses
    2. Teflon Flexible Hoses
    3. Teflon Hoses (NSB Hoses)
  3. 3. Bellows/Dampers


    Bellows and dampers are provide vibration absorption and displacement absorption in pipes and ducts. They are also used widely as machine parts such as screw covers and slide covers. The materials and shapes are selected according to stroke, temperature, fluid, and pressure.

    Rubber Bellows Used as covers for parts which require a large stroke with synthetic rubber as the material.
    Highly Tear-Resistant Silicone Bellows Nonmetal expansion joints utilizing the features of silicone rubber for superior heat resistance and sealing.
    Teflon Bellows Used in a wide range of temperatures and pressures in the chemical industry, including with strong corrosive liquids and solvents.
    Castables Heat insulator and refractory material used in the wetted parts of expansion joints used in high-temperature ranges.
    Fabric Bellows Widely used in industry for its outstanding flexibility and its economy.
    Dampers Used in ducts for air conditioning.
  4. 4. Conveyor Belts

    Conveyor Belts

    In addition to conveyor belts for steeply inclined conveyance systems, our company produces parts such as frames and rollers, and performs on-site endless splicing work and frame installation work with “safety and reliability” as our motto.

    1. Steeply Inclined Belts
    2. Conveyor Frames
    3. Conveyor Pulleys
  5. 5. Linings and Coatings

    Linings and Coatings

    Starting with rubber, PVC, and FRP, our company handles a wide range of lining materials including Teflon and epoxy.

    Rubber Lining Utilizing the superior chemical resistance and abrasion resistance properties of rubber, this product is used widely to protect machinery and tanks from chemical abrasion and corrosion.
    Teflon (Lining/Coating) Linings and coatings made from fluorocarbon resin materials (Teflon).
    PVC Lining A weld lining of a polyvinyl chloride sheet applied to a base material.
    FRP Lining A versatile and heavy-duty material widely used in industry.
    Flake Lining Lining is performed by applying a mixture of 100–300 mesh glass flakes and vinyl ester resin, polyester resin, or furan resin, by trowel, brush, or spraying.
    Polyethylene Lining Widely used as a highly corrosion-resistant lining material for piping.
    PP Lining Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic resin possessing substantial superior characteristics and a stereoregular molecular structure. Lining is performed utilizing a composite sheet integrally molded from PP and special rubber.
    Urethane Lining Urethane is melted to a liquid and can be applied to a large surface area with few man-hours using the dominant construction method of spraying, and in recent years has been adopted for construction at various sites.
    Nylon Coating Nylon coated steel pipes are an example of nylon coating construction featuring solid film adhesion. It is widely used in domestic water supply, which requires a high level of safety.
    Brick Lining Heat-resistant part for ultra-high temperature areas such as blast furnaces and incinerators.
    Nuclear Lining Our company manufactures large amounts of rubber lining for the various types of equipment used in nuclear power facilities.
  6. 6. Pump Bearings

    Pump Bearings and Rudder Bearings

    Our company sells cutless bearings for vertical pumps. We also handle a wide variety of bearings for industrial turbomachinery.

    Cutless Bearings Submerged bearings used for various pump bearings and ship screws.
    Oilless Bearings Slide bearings with self-lubrication that can be used with a small quantity of oil and infrequent oiling or with no oil supply.
    GFRP Conventional metal shell made of copper alloy/stainless steel replaced with GFRP.
  7. 7. Rubber Flexible Pipes

    Rubber Flexible Pipes

    Rubber flexible pipes protect infrastructure pipeline from earthquakes and shocks. Our company provides various piping parts starting with rubber flexible pipes.

    LS Connectors Rubber couplers used for such purposes as the prevention of vibrations and noise caused by piping, the absorption of the expansion, contraction, and displacement caused by temperature and pressure changes, and the mitigation and prevention of the impact of earthquakes and land subsidence.
    Tozen Flex The most common spherical flexible joints used as vibration proof fittings.
    BF Connectors Boost water supply expansion pipes.
    PT Connectors Multi-type flexible rubber couplings that excel at displacement absorption of eccentricity, declination, expansion, and contraction.
    Elbow Connectors Elbow-shaped flexible couplings.
  8. 8. Valves


    Equipment capable of controlling liquids by means such as opening and shutting pipes conducting fluids such as liquids and gases and changing their direction. Valves are divided by materials and shapes according to the type of fluid (temperature, pressure, liquid, gas, etc.).
    We provide products that meet our customers' needs.

    1. Assorted Valves
  9. 9. Conductors and Pumps

    Conductors and Pumps

    Pumps and conductors are both essential to industry. Pumps are fluid machinery that convert mechanical energy into liquid/gaseous pressure/kinetic energy. Starting with the conveying devices used in belt conveyors, conductors are used in a wide range of fields as the conductive components that comprise the driving parts of devices such as machine tools and production lines.
    We provide products that meet our customers' needs.

  10. 10. Environmental Improvement

    Environmental Improvement Equipment

    Environmental devices refer to devices that solve pollution problems such as atmospheric pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, stenches, noises, and vibrations.
    Our company sells responsibly constructed products such as dust collectors known as "bug filters," absorbers known as "scrubbers," noise-reduction devices known as "silencers," and chilling machines known as "cooling towers."

    1. Dust Collectors
    2. Neutralization Towers
    3. Adsorption Towers
  11. 11. Plant Construction

    Plant Construction

    Our company has considerable achievements in environmental device plant construction.
    By cooperating with companies specializing in heavy equipment installation and corrosion protection work, and by coordinating a united organization of companies, we achieve low-cost, highly-trusted site work. We also have considerable experience in lined tanks that cannot be transported by land due to dimension restrictions and steeply-inclined conveyor system set-ups, as well as the manufacturing and installation of scrubbers and bug filters that do not emit toxic gases.

  12. 12. Boiler Tanks

    Boiler Tanks

    Our company has a delivery record for constructing large numbers of heavy-duty anticorrosion lined tanks.
    The finishing touches on a tank for lining are strict, and high quality is required.
    We have production experience with various materials, from stainless steel to titanium, as well as with many diverse shapes.

    1. SS/SUS Tanks
    2. FRP Tanks
    3. Stainless Panel Tanks (Bolt Assembly Type)
    4. Stainless Panel Tanks (Welded Construction)
    5. FRP Panel Tanks
    6. Dailite® Tanks
  13. 13. Tank Seals

    Tank Seals

    Our company sells tank seals for stockpile oil tanks. Just as the name "envelope" suggests, they are rubber seals shaped like envelopes.

  14. 14. Sea Products

    Sea Products

    Our company handles fenders for ships coming alongside piers for use in coastal facilities, oil fences that protect oil from being carried away, and buoys and floats with navigational indications and markers.

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